Rima Trade

Beschreibung des Unternehmens:

We are a company with a long-term experience, operating mainly in grocery and chemical industry. A particular and priority type of our operation is export of the brands known all over the world and of high-quality products. History of our operation dates back to1996 when, because of a high demand on the European markets, we started to export drinks and washing powders from Poland. In the course of time we broadened the range of products to sweets and other food products. We appreciate the peace and satisfaction of our clients. This is why we treat every contractor individually. The second course of our operation is export of Polish and European goods to the Middle East countries and Russia. In this case, we try to meet the individual expectations of our clients and fulfil concrete orders, often distinct from the standard ones. Our offices and buildings are located next to Łódź, in the centre of Poland. The range of our operation is not limited by any framework, so we invite all interested companies to cooperation with us.

  • Kontaktdaten

    Adresse: Rima Trade
    Gałków Parcela 23
    Gałków Duży, 95-041, Polen
    Telefon: Tel. +48 502218689
    WWW: www.rima-trade.eu
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